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Burntout to Badass

May 7, 2021

After a few years as a tenure-track professor in Boston, Monique Valcour accepted a job as a management professor at a business school in France. She and her family set out on an international adventure, selling their home and moving their kids to France for a new life.


While the location was ideal, Monique's new organization was a challenging place to thrive. She made the best of the situation, but began to burn out after a couple of years. By the end of her sixth year, Monique barely recognized herself. She had gone from being a confident, upbeat, capable scholar and professor to complete burnout, diminished both at work and in her personal life. 


That is when she realized that she had to let the organization go and start working on her own dreams and business. Listen as she shares her burnout story, why she had to be the one to pull herself out, and what she’s doing now. 


In fact, her articles in the Harvard Business Review are the exact reason why we found each other. If you haven’t yet, and you’re in the pits of burnout, you’ll definitely want to check them out!


I could see it happening and that was devastating for me because half the time I was like I can’t believe I’m having this experience.” Monique Valcour Ph.D. 


In this episode:

[01:21] Welcome to the show, Monique!

[01:38] Monique shares her background and what she is doing now.

[03:36] Listen as Monique discusses what her burn out looked like.

[06:48] What she was feeling internally.

[08:39] Burnout is like the 5 stages of grief. Learn more.

[11:37] When she knew she’d hit rock bottom with burnout.

[14:05] It takes time to reappraise and gain some perspective.

[16:22] She was the one that was instrumental in quitting everything and starting over.

[20:30] Everybody has the right and capacity to have joy at work and have work being an amazing experience.

[22:19] We get one shot at going through this life.

[25:38] Thank you so much for being on the show!



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Monique Valcour

Harvard Business Review



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