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Burntout to Badass

Apr 1, 2022

Have you ever found yourself taking ownership of a situation in a way that keeps you stuck? Char Watson helped two failing dental practices come back from the brink and when the situation became untenable, she couldn’t let go. She’s sharing her story and why her burnout inspired her to create her business and her course! 

Char always knew she wanted to be in healthcare, but she didn’t realize which capacity she’d be in. Rather than being in the medical field, she became an office manager for a dentist’s office in her area. 

When she started the office was in shambles. He was months away from having to close his doors. Through patience and hard work she took his office away from the brink and it began to thrive. 

She later did it again when he merged with another practice that was in even worse shape than his own. Only this time she had two precious babies and her priorities had shifted.

His behavior and the amount of the work was just too much. After her husband and one of the office workers from the merged office brought up how much she’d changed, she knew it was time. Her husband then received orders to deploy and she left the practice. 

Now she’s running her own business and training practice managers. Listen as she bares it all and explains why she’s so passionate about helping your future practice DOO avoid burnout.

“The bandaid didn’t solve the problem I was still crying every morning before work..” Char Watson


In this episode:

[01:53] Welcome to the show, Char!

[02:17] She shares her background and what her burnout looked like from the outside.

[04:14] She discusses how she felt in the moment while trying to keep a dental practice afloat.

[04:55] Char talks about when it went from good to bad.

[08:42] She speaks about the years leading up to her burnout.

[09:59] She shares the moment she realized she was at the bottom.

[12:00] She believes her babies were instrumental in helping through her burnout journey.

[12:55] Char talks about how her husband's deployment was the catalyst for her to start her own business.

[15:12] She took the time she needed to heal what needed to be healed.

[16:13] She shares some final words with the audience.

[18:32] Char discusses her business and what she does.

[21:19] Thank you for being on the show! 


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